Tuned out for a month

I haven’t turned on the TV at our house in about a month.

I was thinking about it yesterday on the plane ride home, when the woman next to me was watching Law & Order: SVU on her iPad. I briefly considered the type of person who pays to download SVU for later viewing, then thought, “Wait — is that show even still on?”

And then I tried to remember the last time I turned on the telly at our house … which immediately led to DVR dread: How many programs were backed up, demanding my attention?

We never turned the TV on during our entire stay in Hawaii because, well, we were in Hawaii, where there were beaches to be reclined upon during the day and restaurants and bars to be frequented at night. Even the day I was sequestered in the room thanks to an injured foot, I opted for Facebook and phone conversations instead of TV. (Which was probably for the best: What’s going to be on TV in the late morning of Christmas Eve?)

Then we came home and I was squarely in catch-up mode, trying to get through 10 days’ worth of laundry, say hi to everyone I hadn’t seen for two weeks during the holidays and, oh yeah, return to work, too. Right when I was caught up, it was another plane, another city — this time New York, where it was cold and I was peevish and gimpy but gamely determined to make the best of my time in the city, so no TV there, either.

Maybe I haven’t missed a lot. Don’t lots of series take big breaks over the holidays for exactly that reason, since so many people have other commitments and distractions? I guess I’ll find out when I finally venture into the living room and turn on the DVR.

Just not tonight. I’m not ready to give up the streak just yet.

WHAT SAM WORE: 1-11-12
The shirt: “Love My Dilly Bar?” T-shirt, a gift the Meatheads brought back from Chicago,
layered atop a long-sleeved cotton crewneck by BDg, from Urban Outfitters.
The pants: Hipster boot-cut washed khakis from Gap.
The shoes: Jack Purcells by John Varvatos for Converse, from Nordstrom Rack.

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