He is risen!

Three ways I managed to get out of bed in the morning over the past weekend, when I really didn’t want to:

SATURDAY: Knowing that although I was pretending I would go to gym and do cardio, then hit downtown farmers market, then go get coffee, all I had to do was shower. Then it would be crazy to go to the gym — because then I’d just get sweaty and need to shower again — and I really didn’t need anything from the farmers market, so really I could just go get coffee and be lazy on a vertical axis instead of a horizontal one.

SUNDAY: Plugging in my iPad and phone so far away from my bed that if I wanted to reach them to do any browsing or message checking, I’d have to walk across a cold concrete floor barefoot, effectively waking me up and rendering going back to bed useless.

TODAY: Having a new shirt and tie to wear.

WHAT SAM WORE: 3-19-12
The shirt and tie: Cotton button-down and silk tie, from the J. Crew outlet store in Anthem.
The pants: Gray boot-fit khakis from Banana Republic, San Tan Village.
The shoes: Leather loafers by Rockport, from Nordstrom, Scottsdale Fashion Square.

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