What Sam Wrote: “If Your Bones Could Talk”

After writing this many healthcare-related articles, I’m surprised that I haven’t turned into a super health nut, a raging hypochondriac, or some combination thereof.

(Click on any of the four pages to bring up a full-size version in a new browser window.)

When I’m writing, I can’t help but compare my own lifestyle to the recommendations in the articles:

  • I’m over 30 — calcium is leaching from my bones! (I like knowing that my daily latte helps with replenishing the mineral — a grande contains 48% of the daily value, to be exact.)
  • And my workouts may be sporadic, but I know I’ve got 20 minutes, three times a week covered.

The fact that tight hamstrings affect the lower back was no surprise to me; whenever I’ve spent too much time walking, such as full-on tourist days in San Francisco and New York, I’ve ended up with a tense back that’s just waiting to inflict some grief. What’s great about writing articles like this one is that I feel at complete liberty to ask a doctor: “Why is that, exactly?”

And as a bonus, after asking enough of those questions to random physicians over the phone, I feel more at ease asking my own doctor to explain things more fully when I want to understand more. Not like a little kid — “Why? Why? Why?” — but more like “tell me more about why [this is happening, you recommend this course of action, etc.].”

Much of the article is so straightforward, that pretty much the only stamp that’s uniquely mine is the lead, where I realized that so much of the advice is exactly what our parents tell us when we’re little kids. Plus ça change

The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton button-down,
from the J Crew outlet store at Anthem.
The pants: Lightweight jeans from Lucky Brand, Chandler Fashion Center.
The shoes: Whirlwind sneakers, from the Puma store in Soho.

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