Blue Plaid Shirts, Week 3

What is it with guys and blue plaid shirts? Last weekend as the Meatheads and I wandered the mall (for them, not me) I noticed for the first time how ubiquitous blue plaid options are — in dress shirts, in sport shirts, every which shirt.

Maybe it’s because both blue and plaid are comfort choices: Nobody’s gonna make fun of a guy for wearing a blue shirt, and plaid isn’t a pattern that makes people whisper behind your back. Unlike, say, the shirt at Buffalo Exchange a few years ago with a weird Gauguin-style print on it (see thumbnail at right) that somehow entranced me into buying it. I wore it twice, maybe — both times to a general reception of “what is that?” Unfortunately, one of those times was when people at work came around with a flipcam and asked us to record messages for co-workers, so somewhere in the company annals is a video of me in mid-McStache mode and an atrocious shirt.

So I can fully understand the desire to keep it safe in Blue Plaid Land. In fact, the last time we wandered up to the J. Crew outlet store, I bought — what else? — the blue plaid shirt pictured at the top of this post (which I wore on my birthday this week). I might need to go into Blue Plaid Rehab.

I like plaid because it’s a nice orderly, harmonious print. People who separate their Skittles by flavor (and maybe count how many there are of each, and then maybe take away the extras from each flavor and eat those first) love plaid. People who feel better when their dollar bills are “faced” in their wallet love plaid. People who remind their friends who ask for breath-freshening gum that the serving size is two pieces — so you’d better take two, or someone else later is going to end up with just a single stick at the end — love plaid.

Um, so I’ve heard, anyway.

(Weeks 1–3 of the Blue Plaid Shirt Challenge: down.)

Monday, 6/4

Tuesday, 6/5

Wednesday, 6/6

Thursday, 6/7

Friday, 6/8

Monday, 6/11

Tuesday, 6/12

Wednesday, 6/13

Thursday, 6/14

Friday, 6/15

Monday, 6/18

Tuesday, 6/19

Wednesday, 6/20

Thursday, 6/21

Friday, 6/22

WHAT SAM WORE: 6-22-12
The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton button-down,
from the J. Crew outlet store at Anthem
The pants: Jeans by William Rast for Target, from the store in north Scottsdale
The shoes: All-Stars by Converse, from Nordstrom Rack.

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