Drink up! Sweet and sour mix

What's for drinks: Sweet and sour mix

On lazy Saturdays, by around 2 p.m. I feel guilty and decide I need to be more productive. Today I’m making sweet-and-sour mix for margaritas by hand, per the folks at Cooks Illustrated, who swear it’s worth the time and effort. We’ll see … (or taste, I guess).

The shirt: Texas Longhorns T-shirt, from the UT student union in Austin.
The shorts: Corduroy shorts, on sale at Lucky Brand, Chandler Fashion Center.
The shoes: Flip-flops by Reef, from the Reef store in Honolulu.

2 responses to “Drink up! Sweet and sour mix

  1. I couldn’t find this recipe online, but I would love a link! I’m guess the process is to macerate the citrus peels in sugar to draw out the oils, and then combine fresh lemon or lime juice with the resulting oleo saccharumL ?

    • I don’t think they’re getting quite that technical, although to a degree you’re right — it’s soaking the zest of lemons and limes in their juices (for about 24 hours), but there is 1/4 cup of superfine sugar in the mix, too, so that might help draw out the oils in a similar way. …

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