Blue Plaid Shirts: The Final Chapter

Most are already washed and ready to go again!

The blue plaid shirts ran out while I was in New York. The timing couldn’t have been planned better because I was able to include the potentially troublesome one — full-on flannel, in late June, in Phoenix? — by bringing it on the plane (look, I even chronicled it!) instead of a light jacket. Sneaky! During my trip I hit Uniqlo, of course; it was just blocks away from my hotel, so it was like the fates meant me to go shopping. I stayed away from anything blue plaid, though. Because I usually ship the purchases from the store (no sales tax!), they haven’t arrived yet.

In fact, the only “happy birthday to me!” gift that’s arrived so far is a bottle of Cannabis Santal cologne by Fresh. I’ve had a spot for this fragrance ever since I worked at the Tribune, when I kept a sample vial in my pen drawer and would mete out the cologne on paper strips for co-workers who also loved it. No, it doesn’t smell like pot — it has a sweet, patchouli-esque aura about it (and once Smarmy Bastard pointed out a resemblance to Obsession for Men, I could see his point). I’d purchased the companion scent Cannabis Rose years ago during my trip to San Francisco, and when I went trotting past the Spring Street store on my way to the subway, I did one of those stop-and-back-up maneuvers, then walked in to the store and declared my intention to purchase.

Sales associates aren’t used to that, by the way; they’re more used to people wanting to smell, test, “I’ll wait to see how it reacts on my body.” Me, meanwhile, two steps inside store: “Hi, I’d like to buy the Cannabis Santal — the big bottle. And we’re shipping it to Arizona.” (I didn’t move beyond the register.)

Anyway, the blue plaid shirts are dead! Long live blue plaid shirts! And just in time — it may have helped decide what I was going to wear every day, but man was it nice to be able to wear polos and T-shirts to work again! The final tally is below:

Monday, 6/4

Tuesday, 6/5

Wednesday, 6/6

Thursday, 6/7

Friday, 6/8

Monday, 6/11

Tuesday, 6/12

Wednesday, 6/13

Thursday, 6/14

Friday, 6/15

Monday, 6/18

Tuesday, 6/19

Wednesday, 6/20

Thursday, 6/21

Friday, 6/22

Monday, 6/25

Tuesday, 6/26

Wednesday, 6/27

The shirt: T-shirt, on sale at the Brooklyn Industries store in SoHo.
The shorts: Mesh shorts by Adidas, from Sports Authority.
The shoes: Custom All-Stars by Converse, which I created on

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