Dinner pans out

Dinner pans out

Someday I’ll learn how to cook for two people. Until then, dinner for days!

Tonight: Chicken, yellow and green zucchini, yellow bell peppers, quartered grape tomatoes, spinach, a ton of garlic and herbes de Napa, in a pan deglazed with red wine and leftover veal glace. It’s basically this recipe from Williams-Sonoma, tweaked.

It tasted so good Mr. Brooks hovered in an attempt to help with the dishes, but ultimately was thwarted by the special instructions. (“That knife can’t go in the dishwasher; it has a wooden handle. That silicone spatula can’t, either. Or that pan — the detergent will eat away at the nonstick coating. Seriously, just let me run a sink full of water, I was planning to do it anyway.”) He gets points for effort, though.

The shirt: T-shirt, on sale at the Brooklyn Industries store in SoHo.
The shorts: Mesh shorts by Adidas, from Sports Authority.
The shoes: Custom All-Stars by Converse, which I created on

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