Sugar coating it

I always buy a magazine for plane rides. Although I download the digital editions of some magazines, such as Vanity Fair, so I can savor and archive them, a print edition is great for flights because the attendants can’t tell you to switch it into the “off” position during takeoff and landing.

One of the magazines I get is usually Us Weekly, because it requires no attention span or actual reading effort, since it’s mostly captions and pieces short enough to glance through. (I’m convinced that 95% of its audience reads each issue while wedged into an airplane seat or a salon chair.) And then I buy a weightier companion piece:

  • Men’s Health, when I’m trying to delude myself into thinking that my sporadic workouts will somehow morph me into the twin of the fitness models.
  • Rolling Stone, if I like the cover subject and feel the need to catch up on the music I don’t listen to because the satellite radio in my car is always on First Wave.
  • Some other dude magazine, like Esquire.

The most recent issue of Esquire was poly-bagged with a spinoff pub called Esquire, Working, which featured a piece about translating office dress codes, from “business” to “business casual” to “casual.” (It also featured the word postprandial, which appears again in the main issue of the magazine, too.)

And sure, I would love to own the check-print Canali wool suit in the center of the title page — but I’m certainly not in the market to pay $2,500 for one. The danger of magazines like Esquire and GQ is that the “suits/ties/jackets/etc. for any budget” articles often feature price points so high it’s like the editors used Mitt Romney’s “middle class means $250,000 or less” definition to categorize what constitutes as a bargain.  This “How to dress like James Bond on any budget” piece, for example, really means “any budget … from $1,552” [which earns just one “$” in the key] “to $1,758” [which earns “$$$”].

So I was pleased to see the plaid jacket from Tommy Hilfiger, pictured at top, featured among the choices. (I know: me and plaid.) It’s allegedly $169 at Macy’s, although it doesn’t show up as an option on my searches. Maybe it’s only available in stores. I may have to hunt that down, so it’s in my arsenal once the temperatures drop below triple digits here.

WHAT SAM WORE: 9-17-12
The shirt: Long-sleeved button-down, from the J. Crew outlet store at Anthem.
The pants: Lightweight slim straight jeans, from Uniqlo in New York.
The shoes: “Tumble” loafers by J. Shoes, ordered from a now-defunct website.

One response to “Sugar coating it

  1. ok, ok….I’ll be your lacky and track down that jacket! Tommy, will be so proud when I show him your blog plug!

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