Holiday 2000: Someday I’ll Find You

It seems forever ago that I didn’t have to take off my shoes to board an airplane, VHS tapes outsold DVDs, and I was cruising around in a Plymouth Neon — with spoiler, an automotive affectation that my co-worker TBond managed to work into the comedy gigs he shoehorned between covering concerts and music for Get Out. (Thieves loved that Neon — they kept yanking out the stereo and speakers I had installed. Someone explained to me that thieves know that people who buy entry-level cars usually install aftermarket stereo systems, which are easier to pull out.)

Hell, back in 2000 I was still experiencing the throes of my first dates with Trainer Brian. (On Date 2, I staggered off my bike after the end of the spin class he had just taught, lurched through an emergency-exit back door and vomited in the alley. Keeping it classy since 2000.)

Just like VHS tapes and the Neon, that relationship was destined for the scrap heap in a few years — click here for a delightful recap of the song that will always remind me of the day I moved out — but back then it kept my brain on overdrive with its novelty. CD burners were rare then, too; I spent weekends in the Get Out office trying to crank out the holiday discs despite what must have been a top burn speed of 4X. I think we also only had a black-and-white printer, since “Someday I’ll Find You,” like the inaugural 1999 disc, had a B&W cover.

The disc — in those days there was only one per year — took its name from a swoony, strings-laden cover version of a Noël Coward song that I had first heard at Mr. Brooks’ house. We weren’t roommates yet; only three years into my tenure in Phoenix, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Mesa, while Mr. Brooks and CPOS were 28 miles away, in a neighborhood near what was called Desert Sky Pavilion before companies started leasing the naming rights to public venues. (It’s currently the burdensome “Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion”; before that, in reverse chronological order, “Cricket Pavilion” and “Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion.”)

“Someday I’ll Find You” remains one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever included on a holiday disc, which is why I decided 2000 should be next in the roster of Dropbox’ed discs.

The full track list includes an unusually high proportion of blues, jazz and R&B:

  • Nina Simone scatting her way out of “Feeling Good”
  • An outtake version of Billie Holiday recording “I Can’t Face the Music”
  • Millie Jackson wooing us with “A Love of Your Own,” which includes the incredible line “If that sounds forward, it’s only because I’ve been going backwards too long”
  • The Charles Sheffield song that shows up in the final minute or so of PJ Harvey’s “Long Snake Moan

Plus songs by Sade, The 6ths, The Lightning Seeds and one by Aretha Franklin that made me cry — !!!! — when I first saw it performed. On TV.

Click here to start the download that includes the tracks, cover and liner notes; I’ll keep the link active through Sunday, Oct. 7.

WHAT SAM WORE: 10-3-12
The shirt and tie: Long-sleeved washed tartan button-down and navy tie, both from J. Crew.
The pants: Slim straight jeans, from Uniqlo, New York
The shoes: Suede high-tops, from the Nike outlet store at Anthem.

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