Diet right (-er)

Tonight it became clear that “eating better” is not good enough for Trainer* — his goal (and by extension mine) is “eating well,” and all the time. Sadly, I also have discovered that he is immune to my deviant version of nutritional wiles, which for example encourages the regular consumption of Triscuits as healthy snacks. (“But they have whole grains! Whole grains are important!”)

And then, in a “God said ‘ha!’ ” coincidence, when I got home from the gym this was in my mailbox:

Sure, they’re also teasing “24 Healthy Ways to Wake up Your Breakfast,” but all I see is PASTA! Pasta with pork ragu and cheese.

However, I want to be able to say that I truly gave this effort my best shot, so tomorrow I will begin Full Metal Eating, which includes tracking how much protein I eat, with the goal of reaching the 175-gram range every day. This could include 1 cup of egg whites (26g) at breakfast, my grande nonfat latte (16g) at the Starbucks drive-thru en route to the office, a protein shake (20g) as an “I feel peevish” afternoon snack at work, a peanut butter sandwich on 21-grain bread (19g) when I first get home … and either Hansel or Gretel for dinner, which should make up the 95-gram difference.
* I have decided to refer to him here solely as “Trainer,” much like Very Mary-Kate does Bodyguard.


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