What’s for dinner: Chorizo and White Bean Stew

ChorizoandWhiteBeanStewPhoto of Chorizo and White Bean Stew by Brian W. Ferry for Bon Appétit.
Click on the image (or here) to go to the recipe on the magazine’s website.

While I was eating this, the little angel on one shoulder said: “This is really good. You should offer to share this with your friends.” The devil on the other shoulder said: “No, this is really good. Keep it all for yourself.”

Every once in a while I go through a culinary curation phase — collecting ingredients and foods that I’m sure I’d like to sample or use.

  • While the rest of the shoppers at Home Goods were stocking up on throw pillows and side tables last month, I found four jars of vanilla beans (for panna cotta and other desserts) and a bottle of extra-dark and flavorful Grade B maple syrup (for adding to oatmeal).
  • Although the freezer at Casa Flor is so packed that we have to store our ice cube trays vertically right now, yesterday I came home with Costco-sized containers of sugar snap peas and broccoli florets to be blanched and frozen in smaller-portion packages.
  • And on one of my semiannual pilgrimages to Schreiner’s Sausage, I walked out with packages of chorizo and turkey-apple flavors.

The chorizo came in handy tonight, although I had eschewed links and purchased ground sausage, just in case I decided to use it for something like scrambled eggs. However, I also had purchased just ½ pound at the time, so to supplement for this recipe I picked up a package of red pepper and garlic chicken sausages, decased them and chopped the meat finely to be added at the appropriate time. (Incorporating lower-fat chicken sausage as half of the total quantity helped me feel better about the nutritional content, too.)

Cost of ingredients: $14.66, which included both sausages, chicken broth, an onion and some garlic, two cans of cannellini beans and one of those big clamshell-style containers of baby spinach.

chickenchorizoandwhitebeanstewSubstitutions: The sausage, of course. (One note: Using ground sausage instead of links adds a richer color to the stew, as you can see from my quick snapshot at right.) I also used dried Italian herbs instead of a sprig of thyme.

As easy as they said? Very much so. My only variation was instead of mashing some beans with a spoon, as suggested to thicken the sauce, I ladled about 1½ cups of the mix into a blender, then returned the result back to the pan. Much easier — but it is one more thing to wash when the meal is done, too.

How’d THAT go over? I had seconds. And in the end, both the angel and the devil won out: I parceled a hearty serving of leftovers into a plastic container for Smarmy Bastard (angel!), but put the rest in a Ziploc bag and hid it in the back of the refrigerator in an attempt to hide it from our housecleaner, who comes tomorrow and snacks freely while she works (devil!).

Would I make it again? Certainly. I think the ratio of chorizo and chicken sausage was perfect — but I might investigate whether I could throw in one more vegetable as well, to make it feel even heartier. Red peppers, maybe?

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-10-13
shirt111911 shorts110312 shoes030611
The shirt: Long-sleeved waffle-weave T-shirt from Hollister,
Superstition Springs Center.
The shorts: Below-the-knee cargo shorts, from Uniqlo in New York.
The shoes: Sneakers by Nike, from the outlet store at Cabazon, Calif.

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