Getting a leg up — and down


It feels like EVERY ONE of these is sore today.

One of my non-negotiables during the personal training sessions is: no chinups/pullups. They’re the epitome of exercises that, when your muscles are exhausted, you fail spectacularly — and publicly.

Last night I learned about the leg-related equivalent of those exercises, the lowly stepup. Sure, off one or two risers it’s the staple of every ’80s aerobics class, but when the height up (and down) is raised to that of a standard-seat bench, it becomes more formidable. Especially when you’re confronting it, wobbly-legged, at the end of a session that’s been dedicated to various incarnations of weighted squats and lunges and presses.

Which explains how I found myself, ever so briefly, sitting on my ass on the floor. Well, that doesn’t explain it, but this does: When I was stepping down, my leg was like, “What? No. I have had enough of that tonight, thank you,”  and decided it didn’t want to support any more weight just then. So down I went, like a [bawdy comment excised]. In public.

But the only thing injured was my pride: I got up and finished the set. And when I got home, I admired the muscles that ran run diagonally above my knees.


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