14 Photos, Day 4: Gold! (… Leaf)


I’m never going to be rich.

I accepted that fact as inevitable long ago, but every once in a while it sticks in my craw. I think the last time it made me grouchy was during the rise of Speidi, when I was aghast at how awful they were with spending. (“I would be so much better at spending wisely!”)

But long before then, I had devised a workaround that made me happy (and decorated my apartment). Sure, I may never be surrounded by piles of precious metals — but I could at least be surrounded by an infinitesimal quantity of them.

So I gilded a trio of canvases that I half-jokingly referred to as my “King Midas” collection: The largest one is covered entirely with different sheets of copper leaf, one’s done with genuine silver leaf, and the third is varying weights of gold leaf. Thanks to the different application techniques, products and weights, each piece ripples with valleys and veins of matte and metallic finishes.

It’s odd how you can forget how cool something you made is, after you’ve seen it every day for a decade.

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-16-13
shirt060912 shorts112110 shoes12311
The shirt: Short-sleeved cotton henley by Converse One-Star, from Target.
The short: Corduroy cutoffs, on clearance at Lucky Brand.
The shoes: Sneakers by Puma, a holiday gift.

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