14 Photos, Day 6: L’oignon


I am not a fan of the red onion, so I always opt for yellow or white ones.

When I was making this recipe for Chorizo and White Bean Stew, I prepped all of the ingredients on our mobile kitchen island after I got home from work, the late-afternoon sun glaring through the last windows it could before it disappeared behind the 12-foot-tall wall of orange trees that separates our house from our neighbor’s. It gave my sliced onions an otherworldly, lit-from-within translucent glow that the camera didn’t really do justice to.

WHAT SAM WORE: 02-18-13
shirt021813 pants010613 shoes031312
The shirt: Tailored long-sleeved madras button-down,
from the J. Crew outlet store at Anthem.
The pants: Regular-fit straight-cut jeans, from Uniqlo, New York.
The shoes: Sneakers by Onitsuka Tigers, from Nordstrom in Chandler.

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