3 things to watch while doing cardio

1. “The Biggest Loser.” You can keep your ass on an elliptical for a half-hour if those contestants can drop 10% of their body weight in a week. A few weeks ago — makeover episode, with Tim Gunn! — I did 20 minutes extra so I could stay on and see the end of the episode.

2. College basketball.  I would be lying if I pinned my sudden interest in college hoops in anything except for the fact that several times a week, I now get to watch strapping, superfit young athletes hustle up and down a court. I’m no loyalist: My allegiances vary according to how many hot players each team has.

3. Music videos. For the ladies (and gays): How about a Kylie Minogue tribute filled with (mostly) hot shirtless dudes? Click on the very sexy Cayden Ross below to see “Get Outta My Way (Boys).”


For the straight dudes and lesbians who might stumble across this post, how about a video that includes power tools and boobs? Click on Miss Construction to see “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi.


And for everyone … how about a few videos in which Ciara schools us all in how to move?

First, “Gimmie Dat.”

Or “Work”?


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