This week’s gym crush: March 17-22

Does anyone truly spring out of bed before 6 a.m.?

Today’s session — the third this week — was penance makeup for being gone last week … and it was legs day. I happen to enjoy legs day more than most people, probably because they’re stronger muscles.* (Well, except for lunges, during which I wobble like a Weeble.) While I was doing squats, Trainer nodded toward a superhot guy working in the corner. “Do you want to face the mirror on that wall?” he said, jokingly.

“Actually,” I said, turning 180 degrees, “watch this — I’m going to drop it like it’s hot, so it’s facing him.”

“It’s not like it’s a[n exercise called the] good morning,” said Trainer.

“Oh, this view will make it a good morning,” I said.

It was all talk, no action, though— I finished my sets facing the regular direction. (After all, I wanted to be able to watch him work out, too!)

So, the title of this week’s gym crush goes to: Mystery Incredibly-Coiffed-for-6-a.m. Brown-Haired Guy Who Later Did Ab Exercises So We Got Peeks of His Stomach When His Shirt Rode Up.


* Me to Trainer: “It’s because I come from hearty Russian-German peasant stock. I’m pretty sure they used to hook me to the plow, like an ox, and make me pull things.”


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