Do you see a pattern?

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 7.42.44 PM

Last Saturday I hit the J. Crew outlet store and walked up to the register clutching two shirts with the exact same pattern in different colors. I love a good gingham! So I decided to dedicate this week to a collection of button-downs.

On Wednesday one of our Interactive guys showed up wearing a shirt that was almost identical in print and color, only his was — gasp! — perhaps even cooler, because it had tabbed sleeves. “Your shirt disturbs me,” I said in the break room, and it rapidly became apparent that he had no idea (a) that I was joking, and (b) what the hell inspired my comment. I had to overlap arms to make the supersimilarity clear.

(In a related note, one of our Interactive guys is likely to steer clear of me for the rest of his workplace tenure.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 04-4-13
shirt050312 pants061611 shoes071611
The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton button-down,
from the J. Crew outlet store at Anthem.
The pants: Straight-fit jeans, from Uniqlo in New York.
The shoes: Custom slip-on Converse All-Stars, a gift from Funny Michael.

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