What Sam Wrote: “Better Health, to a Tea”


I might not know as much about tea as my former co-worker Greta (whose Twitter feed is to oolongs what my “What Sam Wore” box is to plaid shirts), but thanks to a recent assignment I know a little bit more about the beverage. Like how most of the “herbal teas” out there — lemon zinger, anyone? — aren’t teas but tisanes, which usually don’t carry the same antioxidant boost as traditional teas.

But of course this being a piece written by me, you can also look for references to grooming products and pop stars scattered among the nutritional nuggets.

(Click either page below to bring up a full-size version in a new browser window. Once you do, you can click the PDF itself to zoom in for greater legibility.)

My favorite teas are mostly by Stash: licorice herbal tea and Moroccan Mint green tea (but any mint tea will do in a pinch) for iced drinks, and Double-Spice Chai Black for hot. I’ve never actually used my coffeemaker to brew coffee; instead, I’ll brew a carafe full of tea that gets chilled in the refrigerator for later consumption over ice. And if I’m grabbing lunch at Paradise Bakery, I love the mango iced tea. Otherwise, I must admit that I’m still a soda guy at heart.

shirt091812 pants0101 shoes1026
The shirt: Long-sleeved cotton button-down,
from the J. Crew outlet store at Anthem.
The pants: Zatiny jeans, from the Diesel store at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver.
The shoes: Sneakers by Puma, from Nordstrom at Chandler Fashion Center.

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