Waits and measures

My frenemy

My frenemy.

“We need to measure you soon,” Trainer said yesterday.

“ ‘Need’ is a strong word,” I replied. “Couldn’t we wait until, like, July?”

Apparently not: We’re doing it tomorrow.

Part of the whole “Year of Fitness” shebang is that you’re supposed to track your progress in the same journal where you jot down — or in my case, Trainer jots down — each day’s workout (exercises, reps and weights). Roughly every month, we’re supposed to measure everything from neck to knees (yes, I know it’s technically the quadriceps, but “knees” has the consonance), which should show improvement.

Here’s my deal: I don’t want to see just a little improvement. I’d rather keep going for six months and then learn that — whammo! — my shoulders are (X Amount) bigger than they were before, rather than being measured after just one month and learning that they are 1/6 (X Amount) bigger. Those tiniest little ticks of the tape? Not encouraging.

“But if things aren’t going right, I need to know what to adjust,” Trainer counters. And it’s hard to believe, but I am coming up on three months of training — I’m almost one-quarter of the way through my commitment.

So it’s on for tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my wee little double-A pectacles have gone up at least one size. (But it probably wouldn’t hurt to do some push-ups right before I get measured, right?)


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