What Sam Wrote: “Keep It Up”

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With a headline like “Keep It Up,” the mind fairly reels about what such an article could be addressing. The editor even left a note as much (“Dirty!”) in my assignment letter.

With rampant obesity in the U.S., sometimes it’s hard to find examples of things that Americans are doing right as far as health is concerned. I feel like the people who are concerned about living better are really, really concerned about it, while the remaining 90% of the country — and I am being generous — are like, “Could you pass me a new bag of Cheetos? Because I’ve polished off this one and I’m too lazy to get out of this chair and get it myself.” (Cheetos Puffs are not allowed at Casa Flor, because in moments of high boredom and low self-restraint I could mow through half a bag.)

So conceptually, this article is preaching to the choir: “You’re eating more lowfat foods! You’re keeping your gym membership!” But it also doesn’t skirt the related issues: Are you eating too much food? Are you actually going to the gym? (OK, that last challenge may be implied, not explicit.)


“Oh, boy—sleep! That’s where I’m a Viking!”

Of course I had to add Martha Stewart doing a 180 about sleep. I have a deep, abiding hatred for people who are all, “I only need four hours of sleep. Sleep is for losers!” Probably because I’m a crazy sleeper — eight hours minimum a night, out cold, and the occasional weekend “nap” that stretches for hours. If it came down to sleeping an extra half-hour in the morning or eating breakfast, sleep would win every time. And does. (Much to the chagrin of Trainer.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 4-25-13
IMG_5902.jpg pants0113 shoes021211
The shirt: Overdyed polo shirt by Lacoste, a gift from Big Booty Judy.
The pants: Khakis from Old Navy.
The shoes: Sneakers by Diesel, from Last Chance.

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