Obsessed? Check!

Last week I jokingly told a co-worker that we might have to do an intervention because of her frequent topknot: “There’s a fine line between a signature look and a crippling addiction,” I said.
This weekend, I sent her this picture from the dressing room at the J. Crew outlet store (here everything was half-price), with only that same quote as text.

I put back three of the shirts — sadly including the one at far right, which I loved the print and color of. But it was made of such lightweight cotton that the areas where two layers of fabric overlapped — patch pocket, placket — looked different from the rest of the garment. (That’s a shirt dealbreaker.)

WHAT SAM WORE: 4-29-13
pinkplaid pants111510 shoes111510
The shirt: Cotton button-down, from the J. Crew outlet store in Glendale.
(Not pictured with the others above, but still part of the day’s haul.)
The pants: Boot-cut khakis by Chip & Pepper, from Last Chance.
The shoes: All-Star sneakers by Adidas, from Nordstrom Rack.

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