Tale of the Tape: 3 months in

I tried (and failed) to put it off, but Trainer was adamant that it was time for re-measurements.


It goes from “Excellent” to “Risky.”

Over the past three months:

  • I’ve dropped my body fat percentage by 2%. (When looking it up on the chart, I exclaimed, “Hey, I’m now even better than ‘Excellent’ — I’m borderline ‘Risky’!”)
  • And my waist is 2 inches smaller.
  • Meanwhile, Leg Day is paying off, because I’ve added 2 inches to each thigh. (This helps explain why my favorite skinny jeans feel tighter. The other day, I had to walk out into the living room and ask Mr. Brooks: “Does this look vaguely obscene?”)
  • But on the flip side, somehow my chest is ¼ inch smaller than it was when I started.
  • My shoulders are only ¼ inch bigger.
  • And my upper arms are just ½ inch bigger. That’s as much as the line below. Es todo.


“Is this like one of those moments where you have to break me down before you can build me back up again?” I asked Trainer.

So I’ve had to defenestrate my no-chinups rule. And I feel like I’m in for a world of hurt. (In a good way. I hope.) And if this morning is any indication of things go come, things will only get better.


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