Much better.

Isn’t it weird the things that stick in your craw? I still can recite verbatim a line from a review a few years ago that compared my years of design experience to assembling a company newsletter.


It made me so mad that I put down the entire document and didn’t start it reading again until the following week.

Luckily, my most recent review included lines like “a hard-boiled editor with the eyes of an artist” and “a great eye for mood, color and the marriage between type and image.” BE GONE WITH THEE, previous review — I am wiping you from my memory banks and shall dwell upon you no more. And I have printed out this new one, to refer to when I need a boost.

WHAT SAM WORE: 9/29/13
shirt092913 shorts092913 converseshoe
The shirt: T-shirt by Abercrombie & Fitch, from Buffalo Exchange.
The shorts: Drawstring cotton shorts from H&M, Scottsdale Fashion Square.
The shoes: Custom All-Stars, created on

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