The bonus disc is here, too! The bonus disc is here, too!


It’s tough to decide how much of your will to inflict upon other people. On one hand, the holiday discs are always meant to share the music that I liked most over the past year. On the other hand, if the choices get too eclectic and “WTF?,” the recipients could just hit “Eject” and toss the disc.

I’m usually less self-censoring in the bonus disc, but the first draft of this year’s lineup omitted “I’m Out” by Ciara because of its rap intro. I’m the sort of person who grins every time I hear Nicki Minaj say, “No, I’ve never been there, but I like to Bangkok,” but a couple of my friends were so alarmed by the profligate profanity that I second-guessed whether it should be included.

But eventually, thanks to my friend Dusty, I realized that I wasn’t curating a “20 Most Tasteful Tracks” disc or “Songs Your Kids Can Sing Along To,” and the song makes me so happy every time that I listen to it that, like a clutch player who trots onto the field for the last play of the game, Ciara got added back in. Sorry, Eve. (Her “Eve” held its own in the F-bomb department, anyway.)

Similarly, Autre Ne Veut’s “Ego Free Sex Free” made it in, but “Counting” didn’t.

You can experience for yourself which tracks did make the cut by clicking here. It’ll take you to a download of all 19 songs, plus the covers and liner notes. It’ll be live through Jan. 3.

WHAT SAM WORE: 12/29/13
hoodie122913 shirt122913 shorts122913 shoes122913
The sweatshirt: Zip-front hoodie by History, from Last Chance.
The shirt: Charged cotton T-shirt, from the UnderArmour outlet at Anthem.
The shorts: Cotton knee-length shorts, from H&M in Scottsdale.
The shoes: Free 3.0 running shoes by Nike, from Sports Authority.

2 responses to “The bonus disc is here, too! The bonus disc is here, too!

  1. Hey Sam! Dying to download the songs you chose. I tried the link, but it showed an error. Maybe it’s because I am on my phone rather than a laptop? Sometimes Apple products get picky like that.

    • I suspect that because the download is a .zip file (and 105.5 MB, at that), your phone might not be willing to grab it.

      I had the same issue via iPhone: I could GET to the link but wasn’t able to activate the download by clicking on it.

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