What Sam Wrote: “Berries on the Brain”


I still haven’t tried anything açai. Maybe I’ll try to track down some frozen pulp at Whole Foods or Sprouts during today’s errands run, because like most fruits, apparently it’s way better for you in relatively whole form, instead of juice.

(Fret not, juicers: You’re still ahead of people who aren’t consuming any fruits or vegetables, but condensing the contents to a liquid appears to leave much of the nutritive benefits behind.)


“I feel funny!”

Personally, berries aren’t my favorites. I enjoy strawberries if they’re mixed in with something else — strawberry rhubarb pie is delightful, for example — and as long as I’m not bedeviled by their seeds, I can make great things out of raspberries and blackberries. But I could easily live in a world without blueberries and their brethren, like huckleberries … unless their disappearance also meant the loss of Violet Beauregarde in “Willy Wonka.”

(On a side note, I was surprised to discover how much my mom hates this character – or, more particularly, Violet’s father, pushy car dealer Sam Beauregarde of Miles City, Montana. “That’s not how people from Miles City are,” Metzie, who was born and raised there, would practically hiss at the screen every time his scene came on.)

Back to berries: I learned about the “housekeeping cells” during the research phase, so it was fun to be able to work in a reference to a Roomba (although this article being branded content, it’s not referred to it by name lest it imply endorsement). Probably the best-known example of a creation gone awry is the monster in Frankenstein, but he didn’t fit the sci-fi/robot concept cleanly and I couldn’t think of any examples that did — self-proclaimed geek friends, help me out! — so I ended up writing around it.

(Click on either of the pages to bring up a full-size version in a new browser window.)

What Sam Wore: 6/22/14


T-shirt from Octane Shop, one of the items on the birthday list I sent my sister Tammy.
Shorts from H&M.
Custom All-Star slip-ons I made at converse.com.

2 responses to “What Sam Wrote: “Berries on the Brain”

  1. My French Heaven

    I’ve always liked whole fruits better than juice. Probably because of the texture… Nice post!

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