What Sam Wrote: “A Survival Guide to Healthy Travel”



Part of this article, which just appeared in Arrive magazine, was inspired by a spill I took over holiday break in Hawaii. I ended up with a sprained foot, on Christmas Eve, in an area OwOwOwwhere more flip-flop shops remain open on holidays than medical facilities do. The rest of my trip was spent pretty much supine, or hobbling around on crutches, which limited the number of beaches I could enjoy.

Similarly, I may have once had a back spasm after wandering around San Francisco in flip-flops all day. (Shortly thereafter, I decided that flip-flops are evil and began wearing them only sparingly—as in, when I’m on a beach.)

Luckily, I haven’t experienced all of the maladies and mishaps I wrote about—but just to be safe, I’m glad I researched them. One never knows …

(Click on any of the pages to bring up a full-size version in a new browser window.)


What Sam Wore: 6/30/14


Long-sleeved T-shirt by Paper Denim & Cloth,
from Last Chance (the Nordstrom clearance store)
Jeans from Uniqlo.
Shoes by Converse, from a PacSun outlet store in Chandler.
Hook bracelet from Giles & Brother.

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