Don’t get atwitter about not being on Twitter

Awhile back I was on LinkedIn and saw that my HR-recruiter friend had shared a link to one of those posts with terrifying titles like “3 Ways Your Résumé Makes Me Want to Hire You, SOLELY So I Can Turn Around and Immediately Fire You for Your Stupidity.”

Few things trigger someone’s insecurity like suggesting he or she might be incompetent and not even know it. So of course, full of dread, I clicked.

Here’s how it was a good thing: It made me realize I knew more than I had feared. And in fact, I knew more about social media than the author, who was telling his fictional candidates that they must be on Twitter—even if they’re adding only a couple of posts a month.

Here’s the thing about Twitter, though: Success there requires agility and frequency—and a post two times a month isn’t going to cut it. So I’m not sure how he thinks that demonstrates proficiency — if anything, it shows that you’re using it wrong.

Does that sound disingenuous, coming from someone who’s about to hit the one-month anniversary since he last tweeted? Well, it’s not, and here’s why: Twitter isn’t a priority for me.

It’s OK to say that, you know. I’m a person, not a brand. And even as we’re encouraged to treat ourselves as “personal brands,” I’ll hazard that people are going to find a richer, more immersive connection on my blog than in 140-character blurbs. I’m OK with missing a few potential readers because I didn’t spend time tweeting links to my posts, because this blog is a hobby and a creative outlet, not a money-making venture.

I haven’t killed my Twitter account entirely; I still jump on at random moments to see what’s on the minds of my favorite writers and comedians. I’m thisclose to turning into one of the estimated 44% of Twitter users who never tweet. I post on Instagram way more than on Twitter.

Being familiar with Twitter is like the fact I minored in Spanish: I’m not using the knowledge every day, but I can hold my own just fine, thanks, when needed. So I’m not sweating the fact I’m not tweeting. And to anyone who thinks that’s a big deal, I say to you:

WHAT SAM WORE: 11-16-14
shirt111614 pants111614 shoes053011
The shirt: Lightweight cotton henley, from All Saints, New York.
The pants: Knit joggers by Prada, from Saks Fifth Avenue, New York.
The shoes: Sneakers by Adidas, from Big 5 Sporting Goods, Phoenix.



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