Checking In: Viceroy New York


We happened to be in New York during Fashion Week, when thousands of fashion folk flock to town and jack up hotel rates to insane levels. So I was delighted that I was able to score a room at Viceroy New York. I was particularly keen to check out this spot because I knew that the general manager had moved over from Royalton, so I hoped that I would love this new property just as much.

The room

And I did love it. Super sleek, with clever storage that made me think of a cabin on an opulent ocean liner. In my room, which looked like the photo above, the Illy espresso maker was in the cabinet to the left of the bed above the Beats music player, the safe was hidden in a drawer to the right, and the fold-out ironing board was stashed behind a tall mirror cabinet door. I had enough closet space (and hangers) for four days’ worth of clothing—and I hang up even my T-shirts and jeans when I get in a hotel room. (But I also repurpose shirts and pants on different days of trips to save space in my luggage, so take that into consideration.)


The decor at Viceroy is delightful, as well. I was in love with the style of the bathroom fixtures, especially the swiveling magnifying mirror on the left above. Everywhere in the bathroom, you’re surrounded by an impressive amount of weighty, gleaming brass and marble. And big, hefty adult-sized bathrobes!

The products

The amenities … smelled nice? I’m an unrepentant elitist about such things, so when I saw that they were Neil George branded but made by Gilchrist & Soames, I was all …


A swanky-brand bath product with Gilchrist & Soames in the small print is like a Fiat built for the U.S. during the Chrysler era. Goodbye, happy fantasy of being a member of the jetset elite! Hello, begrudging return to reality. (The U.S. headquarters for G&S is in Plainfield, Indiana, and its own website uses the phrase “lower middle-market consumer products.“)

But that is a quibble at most, considering the rest of the site … and the sights, like the view from the Rooftop bar. We watched some of the Fashion Week crowd arrive, and it was less glam than we had hoped—a testosterone of male executives (I made that group name up) in generic dark suits and open-collar white dress shirts, with maybe one or two supertall ladies tiptoeing around in vertiginous heels—so we contented ourselves with peering at the skyline.


The restaurant

Most of the time, I try to avoid eating in hotel restaurants; the gesture seems to have an air of “I give up,” like I couldn’t be bothered to walk somewhere else. But one night my co-workers and I congregated next door at Kingside and mowed our way through some great food (and oysters and a round of Aviations to celebrate an art director’s birthday).


And an important thing to keep in mind: The hotel fits within my company’s travel-spending guidelines. (In fact, it would have cost more to stay at the generic corporate Hilton a few blocks down.) The fact we found rooms that fit the bill during Fashion Week is a minor miracle. I’m adding Viceroy to my rotation of favorites.

WHAT SAM WORE: 9/29/15
shirt092915 pants092915 shoes0225
The shirt: Short-sleeved cotton button-down, from Uniqlo, SoHo.
The pants: Colored denim by Bonobos, from Nordstrom Rack.
The shoes: “Tumble” loafers by J Shoes, from a long-defunct website.

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