Goodbye, old job. Hello, new one

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I even got a commemorative magazine cover!

I started a new job this month.

It’s been exciting so far — and a little nerve-wracking, tbh, because it’s been so long since I haven’t been That Guy Who Knows Everything About The Job. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m only three weeks in, so of course my institutional knowledge isn’t there yet. But I thrive when things are orderly, planned and known, so I’m keen to get up to speed as soon as I can.

I was at my previous gig for 7½ years, so leaving was bittersweet. It’s no longer hush-hush that the new owners of the company began moving positions to different cities; mine was one of them. Most people who got relocation offers were asked to move to Chicago; I was one of only a few people in Phoenix who were asked to move to New York. Asked to move is probably a nice way of putting it: The position was moving there, with or without me in it … but at least they gave me first rights of refusal.

I considered it for quite a while, actually, and went so far as to meet with an apartment broker on one of my bimonthly work trips to New York. But the more I examined everything, the more I wasn’t really excited about the move; I was thinking about it only so I could keep that job.

Don’t get me wrong: New York is brimming with amazing things, and over the past 30+ trips I’ve taken over the past years I’ve been able to see and do a lot of them. A quick gallery is below, but if you use the search bar and type in “New York” you can read a lot of my Big Apple adventures.

(post continues after photos.)

I loved pretty much every trip I took over the past years — maybe not some of ones in February, which was always my reintroduction to Full-Blown Winter. But visiting a city for work isn’t the same as living there; I stayed in good hotels and expensed my meals, for starters … and then I got to come home, where I enjoy personal space, silence, getting to drive around aimlessly on weekends, and being able to look out any window and see the sky. And even my augmented salary wouldn’t have allowed the quality of life that I have in Phoenix.

Eventually I realized that I wasn’t choosing to live in NYC; I had resigned myself to the inevitability of it. “If you have choices, why would you choose to be resigned to something?” I asked myself. “That’s foolish.” So I told them no to New York, and started looking for a new job.

More on that later, but that’s why I’ve been pretty silent here. Between panicking about unemployment, looking for a new job and hustling up freelance gigs, while still working like usual on weekdays, I didn’t have much time for blogging on this site. (But I did create a different site to showcase my professional capabilities, at

Here’s hoping that as I settle in at the new job, I’ll have more time to write. And, happily, there’s no reason I can’t go back to NYC again — and this time, it’ll be just for fun!

WHAT SAM WORE: 3/20/16
shirt0320 shorts0320 shoes073011
The shirt: Glacier National Park T-shirt, from Old Navy
The shorts: Cotton shorts by The Fresh Brand, from Last Chance.
The shoes: Leather trainers by Diesel, from Last Chance.

2 responses to “Goodbye, old job. Hello, new one

  1. As a (former) DC colleague who enjoyed meeting you on a trip to PHX last August, I’m so happy to hear about your new gig… I wish you all the best, Sam!

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