iTuned In: Eff off!

Who knew my iTunes library had such a pottymouth? Five songs that include “the F-word” in the title:

1. “F**k You,” Lily Allen. It may have started as a kiss-off to George W. Bush, but now that he’s out of office I guess the target has been expanded to all extreme right-wingers. It went to the Top 10 in Belgium, Holland, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and (on the dance chart) the United States. Even in countries where it wasn’t even released as a single, it still did well: No. 37 in Canada and No. 153 in the U.K.

2. “F**k You, It’s Over,” Glasvegas. You know how most of the time, U.K. artists don’t reveal much of their spoken accents when they sing? Like, The Beatles, Tom Jones, U2 … their pronunciation in songs is much like American.  These guys are from Scotland, and it really, really shows.

3. “F**k Dub, Parts 1 and 2,” Tosca. Since it’s an instrumental, the lyrics never actually drop an F-bomb. In fact, the only vocals are some light muttering and scatting, which never overpower the beat.

4. “Too Drunk to F**k,” Nouvelle Vague. An acoustic lounge cover of the Dead Kennedys’ punk classic.

5. “F**k the Pain Away,” Peaches. Ever the prim and proper lady, Peaches also has songs titled “F**k or Kill” and “Fine as F**k” (which is actually by “Scream Club featuring Peaches,” but still).

WHAT SAM WORE: 03-25-10
The shirt: Stretch-cotton tuxedo shirt by Theory, from Last Chance.
The pants: Rebel-fit, Malcom-wash jeans by Joe’s Jeans,
from now-defunct Vivi’s Boutique in Chandler
The shoes: Super-pointy-toe slip-on boots by Mezlan, from Last Chance.

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